Clean: The Thomsen Way in Action

Escalator cleaning and maintenance are expensive. Thomsen’s systems can help reduce those costs.  

Chris Thomsen

Thomsen’s provides both patented cleaning devices and proprietary cleaning solutions.  Our equipment and cleaning solutions are designed to provide a high cleaning and decontamination level and prolong escalator handrails’ useful life.  We are dedicated to helping escalator owners improve health and safety and lower operating and liability costs for their transport systems.

This is a render of Thomsen’s patented cleaning system in action.

All of Thomsen’s cleaning systems are engineered to make them safe, convenient, and efficient to use.


  • Many of our systems are nested for compact, convenient transport, and storage.
  • The system is a non-motorized, safe, and simple system to remove dirt, grime, viruses and bacteria from moving handrails.
  • Specially designed microfiber cleaning pads attached to molded pad holders clean the moving handrails from “bead to bead.”
  • Our Dolly Systems attach to non-obstructed moving handrails and clean without interrupting operations, minimizing the impact on foot traffic.


Thomsen’s patented systems;

  • Prevents the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria
  • Extends the life of moving handrails
  • Lowers labor costs and Increases productivity by allowing staff to perform other duties while Thomsen’s cleans the rails!
  • No downtime equals happy customers! Cleans while moving rails are in use
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