How many times did your parents say, “Hold on to that handrail!” Over the past few years, the public no longer sees handrails as the critical safety devices they were designed to be. As a result, accidents and fatalities on escalators have risen. The public sees the handrails as filthy, dirty, and germ riddled. Unfortunately, in many cases, they are correct. For escalators to be Covid-19 safe, people need to hold that handrail! Proper escalator cleaning is critical to safety. To restore public safety and confidence, escalator owners and operators need to maintain their escalators – The Thomsen’s Way!

Beautifully Simple, Easy, Effective. – Save Money by extending the life of your handrail, Improve Safety, and Protect your NeighborsThe Thomsen Way
The Thomsen Way Seal of Approval, Cleaner, safer, healthier Eliminate Covid-19

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