The picture above, which originally appeared in the following article about the Tampa Bay Airport by Aubrey Jackson, shows Thomsen’s cleaning system in action.

The Thomsen Way is a comprehensive cleaning system composed of training, testing & reporting, specified procedures, customized equipment, and tuned cleaning chemicals that assure the public that their handrails are clean, safe, and healthy.

Tampa International Airport is one of the growing list of Airports that have evidenced their firm commitment to customer health and safety by investing in The Thomsen Way cleaning system.

Tampa International Airport taps technology to keep facilities sanitized.

Aubrey Jackson

New machines using robot software will quickly sanitize and disinfect areas within the airport.

TAMPA, Fla — With the rising cases seen across the state, there’s an increased focus on cleanliness.

As Tampa International Airport continues to welcome passengers, it’s utilizing robot software to deep clean and sanitize throughout the airport.

“We are using a lot of different technologies to get more coverage of cleaning and get it done in half the time. We have a handrail machine that cleans miles and miles of handrails. It’s really easy, you strap it onto the escalator, and it automatically sanitizes and cleans the stairwell.” said Emily Nipps, spokesperson for Tampa International Airport.

According to airport officials, it’s called Thomsen’s handrail cleaning system and can sanitize escalator handrails a mile a minute.

Credit: Tampa International Airport

In partnership with Flagship Janitorial Cleaning Services, the airport is using several of the new devices to assist in sanitation efforts, such as the “Kaivac,” which is used for touchless restroom cleaning and disinfecting.  

The “Karcher misters” spray disinfectant evenly across a surface to clean large areas in a short amount of time. And, there’s the “Victory electrostatic sprayers” used to disinfect touchpoints such as elevator buttons and tabletops. 

Lastly, “T7 Autonomous auto scrubbers” are used to wash floors without a human driver. It is programmed to scrub an area while the driver can perform other duties.

“A lot of airports are doing this. If you’re traveling now you’ll see honestly where airports and airlines have never been cleaner. we’re doing to this to extra precaution and stop the spread of germs.” Nipps said.

Later this year, the airport also plans to install “smart restroom” software to monitor traffic flow in and out of facilities.

“We can use the data from the machine to know exactly how many people are in that area or restroom and deploy janitorial staff to keep it clean and sanitized regularly with little build-up,” Nipps said. 

As the airport rolls out its new technology to effectively clean the facility, it’s asking passengers to remember to wear their face masks. The airport is also providing face masks free of charge. It also suggests that travelers limit their touchpoints, arrive early and avoid going into the main terminal to meet someone. 

To find out more about what Tampa International Airport is doing to keep its facilities safe and clean, click here.

WTSP Channel 10 Tampa Bay originally published this article.

Here’s how Tampa International Airport is sanitizing terminals |

The Thomsen Way is helping Tampa International and many other airports protect their passengers in this new, more dangerous, Covid-19 world. Thomsen’s is also helping shopping centers, sporting arenas, theaters, transit systems, and office buildings keep their riders clean, safe, and healthy. Perhaps you can already see how The Thomsen Way can protect your riders. We have products for escalators, moving walkways, elevators, and other handrail systems as well. If you would like to find out more about The Thomsen Way, contact us here: 503-804-3150

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