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Escalators Can Be Dangerous

This article is from Written by Pranav Heryani. Published February 11, 2021.

The article is about the use of Thomsen’s Escalator Handrail cleaning system.  The Thomsen Way is simply the best handrail cleaning system on the planet.

Covid-19 Means Cleaning = Safety

As customers re-enter public buildings in greater numbers, we need to ensure that they are comfortable in urban spaces and safely move about. Innovative solutions are crucial to support the well-being of customers.

Our responsibility to property managers is to ensure their assets are pandemic resilient while simultaneously delivering positive impacts on business operations, thus factoring in Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) in decision-making. Our cost-effective strategies are focused on increasing revenue, improving productivity, and mitigating risk at a time when it has never been more imperative.
Businesses across California are getting back into shape, proactive landlords and property managers are creating designated safe shopping zones while working collaboratively with us at CAM Property Services. We are constantly updating our service offerings with the latest and safest technologies.

Not long ago, hardly anyone gave a second thought entering the bustling lobby of a large building or stepping on an escalator. Today, our world has changed, and the way businesses and consumers interact with commercial spaces has been altered. Building owners make public safety a top concern, establishing safeguards for people to move through buildings with confidence.

For example, escalators are indispensable to today’s urban lifestyle, commonly found in shopping centers, theaters, sports arenas, transit stations, and airports. They are used and touched daily by scores of customers to prevent accidental falls.

Unfortunately, worn and gouged rubber escalator handrails can host bacteria and viruses, posing a direct threat to human health. It has become common that escalator riders are using handrails progressively less, which has posed increased risks and liabilities.

“If you don’t think the handrail is clean, you don’t want to hold it. Not holding the escalator handrail, however, is not a great option as it increases the risk of injury from loss of balance,” says Hanna Inget, head of new services and solutions at KONE, an escalator and elevator provider.

People aren’t the only passengers on escalators. Handrails are often an express lane for germs due to constant contact with unclean hands. Researchers have found traces of blood, mucus, urine, and feces on handrails, not to mention harmful bacteria and viruses. Cleaning escalator handrails has been an ineffective and time-consuming process until now.


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Hold the Handrail
Remember to Hold the Handrail - Its about Safety
The Thomsen Way Thomsen's Cleaning System
The Thomsen Way Cleaning System in Action

CAM Property Services has added an innovative new escalator handrail disinfection technology to their facility services. It renews and disinfects escalator handrails, providing increased safety and peace of mind for customers who typically hold handrails for balance. The process requires no additional power source, no escalator downtime, and can expertly clean and condition the dirtiest of escalator handrails.

The handrail cleaning system is a non-motorized, safe and simple system to remove dirt, bacteria, and 99.9% of pathogens from moving handrails. A patented cleaning formula is applied to microfiber pads, proven effective in independent studies, attached to molded pad holders on a mobile dolly system, which cleans the moving handrails from “bead to bead” without interrupting operations.
The cleaning and conditioning solutions are biodegradable and have been developed over the years.

A mix of silicones helps restore and even protect the rubberized handrail material, extending its useful lifespan. The engineered design uses the power of the escalator to facilitate the cleaning action as it restores and disinfects one rail at a time.

As we ease out of lockdown and re-enter public urban buildings, such as shopping centers, we need to feel comfortable in populated settings. From disinfecting handrails to people flow planning, innovative solutions will not only support well-being but allow your property to adapt and thrive in this new era where EHS is at the forefront.

At CAM Property Services, we continue to find new ways to support our clients and their customers. Our anti-virus property management services suite includes electrostatic fogging, aerial drone inspections, customized plexiglass barriers, and visual cues.
CAM Property Services is adapting holistic and analytical approaches to facility management and cleaning standards. We can yield highly targeted science-based solutions for any asset class with the industry’s best services, combining our diverse array of property management services, EHS subject matter expertise, and observational methodologies.

About The Author:

Pranav Heryani is an EHS & Sustainability Specialist. Among the next generation of environmental professionals, his projects have encompassed both local and international efforts toward green initiatives with practical sustainability for the commercial sector.