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What is The Thomsen Way


Hold on to the handrails

Before March 2020, we knew escalators could be dangerous.  As children, our parents told us to keep our toes back from the edge of the step and make sure we held on to the handrail.  As kids, the idea that the handrail could move was cool.  It made us feel like adults to hold the handrails and be safe. 

Don’t touch those handrails

Twenty years ago, hand sanitizers became the thing.  Many began to worry constantly about exposure to germs.  The advent of sanitizers and germ consciousness forced us to consider more things in our environment. As parents, we began to tell our kids, Don’t touch those handrails. 

Escalators are dangerous

While our parents knew that if you didn’t follow the rules, keep your feet back from the edges of the stairs, and hold on to the handrails, escalators could be dangerous, and even on rare occasions, deadly. Once we started to tell our kids NOT to touch the handrails for fear of germs, accidents and deaths on escalators began to rise.


After March 2020, our germaphobia took on a whole new level.  Covid-19 can and is killing us. News, social media, and even science reporting give us conflicting information about the risk, where and how we may be exposed, and how to protect ourselves from germs, especially Covid-19.  As a result of Covid-19, escalator safety issues have risen even higher.

Infectious Germs

Thanks to science

We now know that handrails harbor germs, including Covid-19.  Thanks to the work of scientists like Dr. Charles Gerba, Dr. Germ, we know that escalator handrails can be some of the germiest places you may ever encounter. So not only are escalators now much more dangerous due to potential accidents, we know there are numerous diseases, not just Covid-19, lurking on escalators and other handrails.

The Thomsen Way! TM

The Thomsen Way! TM was created to assure the traveling public that escalator handrails are clean, healthy, and safe!  Thomsen’s products are designed to work within The Thomsen Way! TM protocol to maximize cleaning effectiveness, reduce labor cost, and extend the useful life of escalators and other handrails.

The Thomsen Way Thomsen's Cleaning System

How does it work?

The Thomsen Way! TM is a method of cleaning that focuses on scientific testing for the presence of disease threats.  Then depending on the level of contamination, Thomsen’s proscribes a specific cleaning protocol with Thomsen’s highly effective patented equipment, cleaners, conditioners, and disinfectant.  After cleaning and disinfecting, the handrails are again tested.  Now thoroughly cleaned and tested, the passing results are reported to Thomsen’s, Inc.  Daily testing takes just a few minutes, and the cleaning process is safe, efficient, and cost-effective. 

Hospital Clean in one cleaning session

Thomsen’s scientific method can take filthy handrails and get them to hospital clean in just one cleaning session.  To find out more, check out this article:  Filthy Escalator Handrails – Better than “Hospital Clean” in One Session! – The Thomsen Way!

The Thomsen Way! TM Gold Seal

Escalator owners and operators, who follow our protocol, publish their results and effectively keep their travelers cleaner, healthier, and safer, The Thomsen Way! TM proudly displays our Thomsen’s Gold Seal on or near their escalators and other handrails.  You can now ride these escalators and use the handrails safely. The Gold Seal assures you that the handrails are clean, safe, and healthy. You and your family can now hold on to these handrails with confidence.  Chris Thomsen, our founder, after forty years in the escalator and elevator business, retired and formed Thomsens with the mission to help save lives, one handrail at a time!

hospital clean the thomsen way

Thomsen’s Handrail Cleaning Systems

Thomsen's Inc.

Chris Thomsen, our founder, after forty years in the escalator and elevator business, retired and formed Thomsen’s with the mission to help save lives, one handrail at a time!  The people of Thomsen’s live this each and every day.  We know if we do our job well, we can once again get the traveling public to use escalators and other systems safely.  Accidents and death are occurring on escalators every day around the world. It has been reported that 68% of these injuries and death have been attributed to simply not holding the handrail.