Thomsen’s Handheld Stationary Handrail Cleaning Tool - TH-E-0037

Thomsen’s Handheld Stationary Handrail Cleaning Tool TH-E-0037

Handheld Kit Includes:

  • Ergonomic Handle – with the ability to add an extension pole for access to footrails.
  • Foam Pad Holder – that easily adapts and mold to handrails of all sizes.
  • 12 Dual-Sided Cleaning Pads – are washable, reusable, and delicate to surfaces being cleaned. 



The handle connection allows for easy maneuvering to ensure the best cleaning results. Small Compact, and fits easily on any janitorial cart.

Uses the same tech -saves money

It uses the same pad, holders and chemicals used in The Thomsen Way!™ process, so we save you money and storage space.

Cleans All Kind of Rails

Clean Handrails, guardrails, guiderails, bannisters, i.e., ADA handrails, stairways, walkways, and more.

Safe and Effective

For use on metal, rubber, fiberglass, wood, linoleum, and plastic. Use with Thomsen's cleaners, conditioners, and disinfectants, or specific manufacturer recommended solutions, i.e., brass cleaners, hospital required cleaners, and more.