Thomsen’s Maestro – Dual Handrail Escalator Cleaning System TH-E-0007


  • The system is a non-motorized, safe, and simple system to remove dirt, grime, bacteria, and viruses from moving handrails.
  • Specifically designed microfiber cleaning pads attached to molded pad holders clean the moving handrails “bead to bead.”
  • The Dolly System attaches to non-obstructed moving handrails and cleans without interrupting the operations, minimizing the impact on foot traffic.
  • Handrail Cart System’s patented swivel arm easily placed for access to any handrail.
  • Universal Dolly System nested for compact, convenient transport and storage.


The Thomsen Way Maestro

Prevents the Spread of Germs

The Thomsen Way!™ tests, cleans, conditions, disinfects and validates handrails as clean, healthy and safe!

Extend Handrail Life

With proper maintenance, Thomsen's cleaner conditioner can significantly extend the useful life of escalator handrails.

Lower Labor Cost

The Thomsen Way!™ cleaning system not only assure the public that you are doing everything possible to ensure their health and safety, its scientific process lowers your labor cost significantly.

improved customer safety

In the end, we know for you and for us, the prime motivation is to keep the traveling public cleaner, healthier, and safer. This is the core of The Thomsen Way!™

The unique swivel mount allows the cart to clean handrails directly next to walls or other obstacles

Maestro Product
Maestro Wall Image
The Thomsen Way Saves Time

Thomsen’s Maestro Includes

  • Universal Cart System & Dolly System
  • 4 Foam Pad Holders
  • 12 Cleaning Pads
  • Two (2) – 1.5gal Charging Buckets
  • One (1) – 1 oz. gallon pump dispensers