It is common knowledge that most escalator handrails are not used to maximize rider safety because of the perception they are not clean or even cleaned.  Perception becomes reality, as the challenges shared by those in the know:

Escalator riders deserve much better.  Restrooms are regularly cleaned throughout the day, could we at least clean the handrails weekly using escalator handrail cleaners (as that is what most makers of escalators suggest, although limited instructions on what to clean with and how)?

Solutions to clean the escalator handrails do exist.

Spray bottle containing escalator handrail cleaner of who knows what escalator cleaning solution, soiled rag, and disgruntled team member assigned to use their hand to make sure the rag wipes down the entire exposed handrail surface.  Not viable.

UV Light is built into the underside of the escalator with cool signage stating the handrail is “sterilized.”  Is it?  You still need to clean the surface first to remove accumulating debris and contaminants to sterilize, and that is not being done.  To sterilize a moving escalator handrail with UV lightwill take 4 to 8 hours to complete and will last only as long as the first touch.

Finally, The Thomsen Way!™ solution.  A comprehensive process that is safe, easy, and completed in only 15 minutes per escalator.  The patented equipment, solutions designed specifically for escalator handrails, and testing to document results to hospital grade-level cleanliness provides riders of escalators assurance that the 3rd filthiest surface has been cleaned.

How does the public make this happen, put your “Karen” on and ask the operators of the escalators to consider the implementation of The Thomsen Way!™Why did Chris Thomsen, founder, and 50-year industry-year expert in the industry create this solution?  Simply, after 50 years of watching nearly nothing consistently being done to clean escalator handrails, he did something about it.  He is insistent that riders use the escalator the way it is intended, stand in the middle of the step,and place one hand on the escalator handrail.  If you were not aware, in the US alone 20,000 reported injuries from escalator riders, 10,000 requiring emergency room visits, and sadly 30 fatalities annually.

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