Thomsen’s, Inc. is proud to announce its new Limited Lifetime Warranty!

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After years of use and perfecting our Clean Tough Technologies’ industrial grade escalator handrail cleaning systems, Thomsen’s is proud to offer our customers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our Maestro’s component Universal Handrail Replacement Cart or Dolly Replacement Cart units at no additional cost.  We are also pleased to extend this coverage to all units currently in use, providing purchase from Thomsen’s, Inc. or its distributors occurred after February 1, 2021. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty covers Dual Maestro
Dual Maestro
Universal Replacement Cart
Dolly Replacement Cart

The Thomsen’s, Inc. Limited Lifetime Warranty covers “all industrial grade yellow metal components” used in the construction of these units*.  We will replace any Dual Maestro component Dolly Replacement Cart or Universal Handrail Replacement Cart damaged due to a manufactured defect or damage incurred to these industrial grade components* during normal use, provided the unit was being used as trained and intended in the course of normal cleaning of escalator handrails.

Please contact us at or call us at (866) 729-2959 for questions and/or warranty verification.

Thomsen’s, Inc

*Plastic parts, foam parts, casters and tubular handles are considered wear replaceable parts and are not part of this Limited Lifetime Warranty coverage.