Get a Grip! The Thomsen Way! Clean Touch Technologies!

Do you know that 80% of disease transmission is by touch? Most high-touch public surfaces are never cleaned.  However, even if these surfaces in airports, transit systems, grocery stores and shopping malls, etc. are cleaned, they can immediately become contaminated again with the next touch!  Are the people responsible for maintaining these public systems protecting you? Unless they are using The Thomsen Way’s science-based systemThomsen’s Products, the answer is “NO!”  Yet they want you to continue being their customers!

UVC is ineffective in this this application. Post COVID, every high-touch high-traffic site in the world finally has one place to turn for tested and verified clean surfaces, including escalator handrails, the 3rd filthiest surface you can touch!  Thomsens, Inc. is the world leader in Clean Touch Technologies. The Thomsen Way! is taking this science-based approach and introducing it to any organization that has a fiduciary duty, let alone moral and ethical duty, to protect the public.  Cleaning to hospital grade clean UVC can’t touch.  Why trust your health to anything less!

Thomsen’s, Inc. products are in the market, protecting the public NOW!  Cleaning, testing and verifying the high-touch surfaces you need are hospital grade clean!  Demand they protect you, your family and all their customers.

Thomsen’s, Inc

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