Public Transportation and Facilities do little to protect the public’s health and safety. Part 2

public’s health and safety

However, they need that same public in order to make money! Failing to protect its customers and the public is unconscionable, inexcusable, and a betrayal of that Public Trust!



Remember the Christmas holiday scene at most U.S. international airports. There are 118 international airports in the U.S. and another 20,000 airports overall. This wasn’t for just a few hours.  3 weeks later airports were still reeling, followed by the FAA system crash. This scenario is repeated throughout the year here & globally.

After more than 1,000,000 COVID deaths in the U.S. alone, what precautions are any public transportation or public venues taking, now?  THOMSEN’S KNOWS!  Virtually nothing!  WHY?  They won’t because it might cost money and is inconvenient!  This has actually been said to Thomsen’s! They even have this horrifying data!

They have excuses:  Equipment is bulky, no storage, it’s up the facilities maintenance, it isn’t in the budget, or It is not part of their processes, OR??  REALLY?  What other inconveniences contributed to over 1,000,000 U.S. deaths in 2+ years?  This is nothing more than “We’ve never done it before, why should I do it now!”


Here’s a shocker:  We may not have known before, but after 1,000,000 U.S deaths & 40,000 annual accidents, we do now!

Even knowing this is THE MAJOR U.S. and GLOBAL HEALTH THREAT, leadership for public transportation and facilities have done little of consequence. This is being purposely oblivious to their role in the spread of disease. That’s the inconvenient truth!  Can there be a worse reason for not protecting and saving lives than “It’s not convenient!”?


Thomsen’s Clean Touch Technologies is the World leader in testing and sanitizing the public surfaces we touch.  It cleans and sanitizes to hospital grade clean, is tested to verify it works, and inhibits reinfection of high-touch surfaces in a few easy steps. However, these public facilities ignore the problem, so it doesn’t have to find a solution!  There is no real reason for this… other than a bunch of artificial administrative red tape or an uncaring and/or purposefully unaware industry who refuses to recognize they’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Currently, the only early testing for these diseases is done in sewer systems AFTER people are sick! In addition to The Thomsen’s Way! – testing, cleaning, sanitizing and verifying hospital clean results, we are working on an early warning system, hoping one day early detection can be as simple and quick as an at-home covid test!


“The Thomsen Way!” Clean Touch Technologies

Why touch anything less!

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We in the U.S. and the global human community need to

protect our health because these industries won’t!

Demand they protect you and your family’s health! TELL THEM!