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Chris Thomsen – A man on a mission

At the 2015 International Sanitary Supply Association show in Los Vegas, Chris Thomsen displayed his 1st handrail cleaning system. Initial sales were good and growing but Chris new he could improve the design. Chris introduced the improved model of the system at the 2016 ISSA show in Chicago, Il. Customers told him he had a winning product and the sales grew.


After more than 40 years in the elevator and escalator business, Chris had learned a few things. He knew what worked, what didn’t, and more importantly he knew what he could do to make escalators and elevators safer, easier to operate, and keep them clean and sanitized. Throughout his career he developed and patented a number of improvements that are in wide use today. He developed things the consumer never see that keep escalators operating safer and more efficiently like the current step chain oiling system. He developed items that people see every day, like the now industry standard LED Demarcation lights that provide a much safer experience for customers.


Since his retirement he has been inventing and manufacturing a number of other products for Thomsen’s Inc. These products provide the ability for escalator owners and operators to keep their escalators in tip top, safer and cleaner conditions. Thomsen’s cleaning products now are helping the public in this time of Covid-19 have a cleaner environment when they travel, shop or move about.


Thomsen’s, Inc. is the company Chris Thomsen created to help him make escalators cleaner, safer, more efficient and more economical to operate. Our mission is to provide the public beautifully simple systems that deliver safer, healthier and cost effective conveyance. We provide our employees a safe and enjoyable place to work, grow and thrive.

Chris has lived the American dream. He built his company to help him continue this dream and expand his reach to bring these needed solutions to the U.S. and the world.

The Thomsen Way Seal of Approval, Cleaner, safer, healthier

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