Don Aupperle

Forty years of global industrial design and 20 patents have prepared Don to deliver beautifully simple systems that measure up to the promise of The Thomsen Way!
Don Aupperle - Product Designer

Don Aupperle is a key Thomsen’s Inc. team member, focused on product design and manufacturing. With over four decades of global Industrial Design (I.D.), Don has generated more than 20 patents for startups as well as large established manufacturers (Hewlett Packard, IBM, AT&T, ALCOA, and Boeing). His “design for manufacture” approach to products, from tiny components to several-ton movable kilns, has provided experience with most manufacturing materials and methods. This background is key to selecting appropriate solutions that balance the trade-offs between performance, production volumes, parts costs, supply chain, and capital investments. Don holds a B.S. in Industrial Design and owns Aupperle Associates, Inc. in Seattle. Working for several years with Chris Thomsen, Don has helped Thomsen’s create our Beautifully Simple Systems.

With a keen focus on personal transport in public spaces, Thomsen's Inc. will assure its future growth through team expertise in new product development and its ability to adapt existing products for broader uses.