Henri-James Tieleman

Henri-James Tieleman is the Chief Revenue Officer for Thomsen’s, Inc.  He is a strategic entrepreneur, experienced in building global entry strategies and strategic partnerships.  His focus on interpersonal skills, modern communication practices and organic business growth, using AI and SMM tools, maximizes revenue growth, profit generation and product innovation from conception through first product launch.  Henri-James is true world citizen.  Born and raised in Brussels, Belgium, he is a dual Dutch and Italian citizen and has worked in over 70 countries within multi-cultural business communities and teams. He is fluent in English, French, Italian; conversational in Spanish and Dutch: and, has basic language skills in Mandarin and Portuguese.  


He holds 7 Utility, Intellectual and 8 Design Patents and received a B.S. with honours in Business Administration, a Business Administration & Management Certificate from Harvard, and an MBA from Washington University’s Olin School of Business – Fudan University.  His family is an historical part of Assisi, Italy where he and his family own a restaurant, Nonna Nini, run by his wife.   He enjoys swimming, playing tennis, skiing, reading business books and finding new restaurants on the way to become iconic addresses.  Oh, yes!  If that isn’t high flying enough…he’s also a VFR rated pilot!

Thomsen’s Sanitized Escalator hand-rails are the only hand-rails you can hold-on [to] with your life!