Henry Kaiser

Henry Kaiser shares a famous name with his grandfather, the founder of Kaiser Industries, Kaiser Permanente, and many other businesses. Henry, like his grandfather, shares a passion for people and the responsibility of businesses to make a positive impact on humanity. Henry's passion is epitomized in The Thomsen Way!
Henry Kaiser - Chairman of the Board

Dr. Henry M. Kaiser, PsyD MBA, Chairman Emeritus of Thomsens. Inc. also serves as Chairman of Thomsen’s Scientific Advisory Board.  Dr. Kaiser’s career has supported innovation in both the scientific and/or medical fields. His professional work includes – past President and Board of Director for Kaiser Foundation International’s global health care consulting; Director of the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals & Health Plan; Trustee of Kaiser Family Foundation; several life-science, artificial intelligence, and plant-based bio-energy projects; and recently, three years of non-profit service as Co-Director of the Neurofeedback Advocacy Project, now gaining national prominence demonstrating and documenting the superior cost-effective outcomes gained by deployment of this mental health innovation.   His innovative background drew him to Thomsen’s to help identify, document and eliminate disease spread by filthy handrails and other high-touch surfaces.

The Thomsen Way: A New Standard of Professionalism in Escalator Handrail Cleaning and Sanitizing