Henry Kaiser

Henry Kaiser shares a famous name with his grandfather, the founder of Kaiser Industries, Kaiser Permanente, and many other businesses. Henry, like his grandfather, shares a passion for people and the responsibility of businesses to make a positive impact on humanity. Henry's passion is epitomized in The Thomsen Way!
Henry Kaiser - Chairman of the Board

Dr. Henry M. Kaiser is Chairman Emeritus, in recognition of his service forming Thomsen’s, Inc. and serving as its former Chairman of the Board of Directors.  During his career; Henry has served in numerous leadership roles on Portfolio Company Boards and community and arts organizations. He previously served as President and sat on the Board of Directors of Kaiser Foundation International’s global health care consulting activity, as a Director of the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals & Health Plan, and as a Trustee of Kaiser Family Foundation. Eventually, Henry became an investor, formed and ran numerous investment firms as CEO and Board Chair with interests in manufacturing, insurance, science, and technology in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Asia. He is also currently a Strategic Advisor to MilagroAI, an emerging leader in artificial intelligence, and Co-Director of the Neurofeedback Advocacy Project. Dr. Kaiser holds an MBA from Stanford and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

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