John Hagen

John has headed talent, HR, and culture for Fortune 300, private and family-owned retail, like, Nordstrom, Tiffany, Gucci, Saks, and VIA, vertically integrated manufacturing and wholesale operations. John has lived - The Thomsen Way!
John Hagen - Director

John Hagen serves as a Board Director, Secretary and Head of People for Thomsen’s, Inc.  He is a CX-agnostic leader, unconcerned with title versus the collaborative impact his vision, passion and experience can bring to an organization.  He has led organizations from almost every C-level vantage point, emphasizing Talent, People (HR) and Culture.  Serving on dozens of boards he has overseen the transformation, reorganization and restructuring of $Billion brands, 5 IPOs, 40+ M&As and 8 Public to Private transitions in the U.S., Canada, the Americas, the EU and Asia. John is recognized as a Talent, People and Culture expert (Human Resources, Organizational Strategy, Employee and Labor Relations). He holds a BA in History, BS in Chemistry and MSILR in Industrial and Labor Relations.

The Thomsen Way is Thomsen’s Inc’s proven solution to the health, safety, and wellbeing of the people who ride escalators worldwide.