The Complete Thomsen Way Package


The Complete Thomsen Way Package

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Why Touch Anything Less! 

The Complete Thomsen Way Package is generally for larger operations where multiple escalators need cleaning and sanitizing to protect the customer, public and employees from most major transmissible diseases (airports, light rail, cruise lines, malls, arenas, sports complexes, larger office buildings, universities, etc.) The Maestro can be efficiently and effectively used to clean and sanitize up to 6 escalators and comes with enough pads to change when dirty or from cleaning to sanitizing before washing and drying.


Contents: 1 Maestro (dual handrail cleaning system with 1 – 12 packs of cleaning pads), 1 ATP Meter, 1 box ATP Swabs (100), 1 Case Heavy Duty Cleaner (4 – 1 Gal.), 1 case My-Shield Disinfectant (4-1 Gal), * and 1 complimentary The Thomsen Way! Gold Seal (for each escalator) – When meeting compliance to The Thomsen cleaning and sanitizing standards, as recorded and reported on The Thomsen Way! cloud**.

The Maestro unit comes with Limited Lifetime Warranty on the industrial grade yellow colored metal components.



Please contact us with any specific questions and/or requirements you might have. We are here to help.

Pricing for multiple units available upon request.

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