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Infectious Germs

Filthy Escalator Handrails – Better than “Hospital Clean” in One Session! – The Thomsen Way!

Are your escalator handrails hospital clean? Dr. Charles Gerba, aka. Dr. Germ, during testing, has found food, E. coli, urine, mucus, feces, and blood on escalator handrails. Where there is mucus, you may also find cold, flu, and Covid-19 viruses. Escalator handrails are often filthy, but they need not be. Yuck! Covid-19! Don’t Touch the […]

Escalator Fall

From The Desk Of Our EHS Specialist: Automated & Enhanced Escalator Handrail Cleaning

This article is from Written by Pranav Heryani. Published February 11, 2021. The article is about the use of Thomsen’s Escalator Handrail cleaning system.  The Thomsen Way is simply the best handrail cleaning system on the planet. Covid-19 Means Cleaning = Safety As customers re-enter public buildings in greater numbers, we need to ensure […]

florida tampa ampa sanitized facilities

The Thomsen Way and Tampa International Airport, partners providing cleaner, safer, and healthier travel for Floridians

The picture above, which originally appeared in the following article about the Tampa Bay Airport by Aubrey Jackson, shows Thomsen’s cleaning system in action. The Thomsen Way is a comprehensive cleaning system composed of training, testing & reporting, specified procedures, customized equipment, and tuned cleaning chemicals that assure the public that their handrails are clean, […]

Easy Covid-19 Cleaning – The Thomsen Way

How many times did your parents say, “Hold on to that handrail!” Over the past few years, the public no longer sees handrails as the critical safety devices they were designed to be. As a result, accidents and fatalities on escalators have risen. The public sees the handrails as filthy, dirty, and germ riddled. Unfortunately, […]

The Thomsen Story

Thomsen’s Inc. is the full expression of Chris Thomsen’s passion for developing better systems to help people arrive safe and healthy as they travel. In this current Covid-19 crisis, we want people’s traveling environment to be the cleanest, healthiest, and safest that it can be. Who is Thomsen’s, Inc?

Clean: The Thomsen Way in Action

Escalator cleaning and maintenance are expensive. Thomsen’s systems can help reduce those costs.   Chris Thomsen Thomsen’s provides both patented cleaning devices and proprietary cleaning solutions.  Our equipment and cleaning solutions are designed to provide a high cleaning and decontamination level and prolong escalator handrails’ useful life.  We are dedicated to helping escalator owners improve […]

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