Thomsen’s Information & Technical Data Sheets

Information & technical data for all of our products!

General Information and Instruction Sheets

Thomsen's Operations Guide

The Standard Operating Procedure of how to clean The Thomsen Way!

Thomsen's Cleaning Pad Holder Installation Guide

How to install the Thomsen's Cleaning Pad Holder

Thomsen's Escalator Pre-Cleaning Guide

Helpful info on how to do a pre-cleaning inspection on your escalator handrails

Thomsen's Mixing and Frequency Chart

Handy information on how to mix chemicals and cleaning frequency

Thomsen's Emergency Response & Contact Info

Thomson's chemical and equipment emergency contact information

Thomsen Training Video Links List

Web Links to Thomsen's training videos

Thomsen's Customer Service Contact Info

How to contact Thomsen's customer service

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Thomsen's Heavy Duty Cleaner SDS

Technical and Safety Data Sheet for Thomsen's Heavy Duty Cleaner

Thomsen's Cleaner - Conditioner SDS

Technical and Safety Data Sheet of Thomsen's Cleaner/Conditioner

mPerial Sanitizer SDS

Technical and Safety Data Sheet for mPerial Sanitizer

Products Catalogs & Information Sheets

Thomsen's, Inc. 2021 Product Catalogue

Simply the best escalator handrail system in the world.

Thomsen's Maestro Escalator Cleaning System

Get hospital clean handrails in one cleaning session

Thomsen's Handheld Cleaning System

The Thomsen Way! for cleaning all other handrails right in the palm of your hand.

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